Sometimes unable to add radius

hi Oz

i am having difficulty adding a radius to certain nodes.

if i take two rounded rectangles and boolean combine them , i am thereafter unable to add a radius to the nodes.

attached is screen shot. i need to add a radius to the outer shape (where the red arrows are) , but can not.

i am able to add radius to the hexagon internal shape, which is converted to path.

any ideas?

i am able to do this radius in vcarve pro, but lightburn has become so capable that i rarely use it any more.

it’s a pity to have to round-trip to add a radius to two nodes :pray:

It’s because the nodes in question aren’t straight lines meeting, but a curve. The math is a lot more complicated, and something that’s a planned future addition.

that makes sense , thank you Oz

we all appreciate his hard you work on the code, thank you for all you do .

it’s amazing that you aren’t more vocal when you reply to the daily complaint that “the laser isn’t turning off between cuts” from a GRBL user.

and i get particular pleasure from your replies to newbies and know-it-alls who refuse your advice, or worse still, tell you your wrong. :scream_cat:

keep up the great work.

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I get pleasure when they realize I was right all along, but I’m always willing to accept I might not be - everyone makes mistakes, me included. :slight_smile:

And yes, sometimes the same questions can get tedious, but we all start somewhere.

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