Sorting for clever lasers to save material?

HI … am I wrong or is there an automatic way to sort the elements automatically for laser processing? how can i do that please? :slight_smile:

Can you please explain with a bit more detail? What do you mean when saying, “elements”? You are welcome to illustrate with images if that helps. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking he means automatic “nesting”, to save material. ?

Thanks, @Hank. If that is true, we do not currently provide a nesting tool. Depending on what you are doing, we do provide the Array tool that can be used to help with material savings layout. The following video, produced some time ago - yet the concepts remain the same, shows how that works.

LightBurn demo - Arrays & Grids - YouTube

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A free alternative to do the nesting: Also, watch a video by MW Laser about how to use the software.

I discovered which will rearrange parts of your project to minimize wasted material. It allows you to specify the distance between parts and the degree to which you want the software to rotate the parts in order to nest them best. There are versions for both Windows and Apple.

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Thank you. Yes, this is a good resource and we have used it here. I am still not clear if “nesting” is what the OP is after, but yes, nice tool to help with consumption layout. :slight_smile:

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