Source art work artifiacts vs. Loose belts OMTech / Ruida

So how do i know if my belt is not tight enough, I’m having the same problem.

This the problem we’re having. The horizontal lines are all jittery.

Is the source artwork just lines, being run as single lines? Or is this an image or fill being engraved? This looks like an issue with the source art, but hard to say without seeing the source file and settings you’re using.

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If you’re willing to share the lbrn or lbrn2 file here I may be able to confirm the artifacts in the source art with the trace tool for you.

Light Burn Forum.lbrn2 (3.8 MB)
Here is the attached file, please take a look and let me know.

It’s all done in ‘line’ mode. I didn’t have the font he used…

It does behave rather odd when it does the black layer… Suspicious it’s how it was created…


The artifacts are not caused by a graphic file.
It’s all line art. Each of the three layers is Line only.

The font renders for me as Modern and it’s not single line.

Don’t think it’s the root cause of the issue but that font in Line mode looks like it’s going to be an absolute nightmare to burn.

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