Source/ Help for Pop-Up Cards?

Hi there,
I’m looking for websites / generators / software (MacOS) / instructions for creating pop-up cards. I would like to learn that. Does anyone have any recommendations / sources?
I would be very happy to receive hints / tips / tricks.
Thank you

I make a bunch of them.

This was the best resource I found:

Plus Paul Jackson’s website:

Search for ‘kirigami templates’ on google and kirigami on youtube.

I’ve got a ton of books on technique, and a bunch of pop-up books to learn how things work.

Matthew Reinhart is probably the best designer of pop-ups out there. - his Lego book and The Jungle Book are amazing and teach you a lot. I bought a couple of each and dissected one of each to learn from.

I make a few cards for family, etc., but my non-biz hobby is paper craft architecture - classic designs from people like designs like Frank Lloyd Wright’s

I started with this book, then went out on my own:


Thanks for the links. I will check that. Looks promising. “Kirigami” technique. Learned something again…

another option is a commercial program, Pop-up Designer Pro which I recall is not particularly expensive, nor sophisticated. It’s beyond my (un)artistic talents, however, which leaves it abandoned.

Thank you, I found this software before, but it s windows only. I’m using MacOS.