Spacebar Hotkey!

I tried to search and only came up with the alt+s as being a hot key to start a job. If you press the spacebar it will send the job to the laser and start firing. I was trying to find a way to turn that off, as I would normally hit the spacebar to open computer if the screensaver came on and it will make laser fire when I don’t want it to.

Have not had this reported before. What version of LightBurn and OS are you using?

0.9.09, I run it on my mac and windows 10. Don’t know if it does it on the mac as I use that in the house to design everything and then transfer to shop laptop with Windows 10, version 10.0.18363

Do you have the ‘Start’ button highlighted / focused, perhaps? Was that button the last thing you pressed before hitting the space bar?

It probably would be the last button used, as when I do cups with the same logo I just hit start on the machine after the first cup and then the computer goes to screensaver due to the time of non use so it probably would still be in that same spot.

It’s possible that, on Windows, whatever button has the keyboard focus will let you press space to trigger it as well, which seems wrong. (I’m traveling for the holidays and only have a Mac with me, and it does not do this on the Mac). I might have to make those controls reject keyboard focus on PC’s so that can’t happen.

I do not blame you on only taking the mac, lol. If I would have known about lightburn instead of RD Works when I first bought the laser I wouldn’t have bought a windows laptop just for the laser.

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