Spacing setting for long project

Good day,

Is there a setting that I can change so that this project doesn’t take so long.

Thank you so much


I can’t see what you are doing to cause this type of run time.

Can you post a screen shot of the device settings, cut/layer for this job…

Did you use one of the Ortur supplied file to set this up or just grbl?


It’s all rapid moves. Probably a raster that’s scanning.


Just grbl

What is raster

I’m still new to this so, hopefully one of the Big Dogs will step in to help.

Those two layers that say “image” are very likely raster. Raster is generally anything that is made from tiny dots…bitmap. File types include all the popular photo files and more…jpeg, bmp, png, etc.

As far as I know, the only way LB can work with a raster image is to scan the entire length and width one line at a time. One line approximately equals your laser beam width, which is a fraction of a millimeter.

You seem to have way too much going on in your cut/layer tab given the layout I can see. I’m guessing there are several duplicate layers that need reviewed

Lots of things you can do

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