Spanning an image across multiple objects

hey all,
I am trying to create a box with a wrap around image ( ive figured out that i need the box components to be arranged in the right way, i have then grouped them and applied the image to the mask.

in order to get the correct cut though im losing my tolerance on the joins - i know why - thats what im trying to fix

is there a way to apply an image to a grouped mask, then separate that mask BUT retain the image on each object so i can cut correctly


Hi Pete,

As far as I can tell you cannot flatten the image (apply the mask) and then ungroup the result.

What i would do is create a few copies of the box elements, and the image
You will have to apply mask to each “side” of the box → flatten it
Then move the image over to the original box element so you have a cut & Fill components.

Bit of more extensive workload.

Thanks Gil i was thinking along those lines

at least i explained it enough for someone to understand :slight_smile:

ill do that - cheers

Actually asking the Dev Team if there is another way to do it, Probably there is and i just dont know it.
I learn new features every day :smiley: