Speed drops when multiple similar things

I need to engrave big size number signs to plywood (for Christmas calendar). When I put one number to project it takes 10 minutes. When I put two numbers to project, it’s 40 minutes, instead of 20 minutes. This is due the laser is engraving numbers at the same time, ”row by row” instead of doing one number at the time and then moving to next number. This must be very simple setting, but I have not figured it out and didn’t find answer from the forum.

I hope you undestand my issue. Thanks in advance.


Not with the limited information you have provided, yet I will take a guess.

You can control the ordering and desired processing of your job. Hover your mouse over most everything in LightBurn to get a ‘Tool-Tip’, press F1 to be sent to the Documentation with a focus on that topic.

You should also be familiar with this set of options: https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/OptimizationSettings.html

Thanks! That “Fill shapes individually” was the thing. I have missed that option totally! It´s really a time saver for me in this (and maybe other projects). Many thanks for your help!

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