Speed in minutes

hi I was wondering is there a chart for speeds in the mm/sec I can reference to as I switched from inches to mm/sec so I’m kinda lost on the differences


1 inche = 25.4mm
I don´t know if you need a chart or a conversion tool.
Online you have several choices, this one for example.

Where do you need to do this?

You can enter an inch value (or a math equation) in the fields of Lightburn…

If you enter 1" and it will translate to 25.4mm, if in mm mode.


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what I’m referring to is the speed section when I switched it changed on me so I’m a little confused (math isn’t my strongest suit

Math,… that scary monster… :laughing:
You can always change your settings to inches or milimiters as you like…

But in your place (I have same problem with math) I used a converter…

Don´t forget mm is always mm per unit of time. So you just have to convert mm to inches or vice versa and use the unit of time (sec, min, hour, etc…) :wink:

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