Speed increase on the fly

I have started my first big project which has stars on the outer perimeter of the design. I am curious is there a way to ramp the speed between the non cutting areas after the burn has started? Will probably have the project complete before a answer. But with just starting out I am still learning how to set power and speed settings for projects and don’t want to risk losing what I have already cut.

Hi Steve take a look here in the search using:

speed up in white space

Good luck


Found the setting, is this a setting I can change during a burn, or can I pause the program and make the edits and then resume. I need to learn these things before I jump headfirst into large projects. I seem to operate on go big or go home, and it always seems to bite

I found a previous post that I think has answered my question which is the program will have to be stopped, edited then restarted. I turned off the items that had already burned and hopefully that will get me where I want to be.

There is no way to change a specific setting after the burn has started. You can adjust “feed overrides” in the ‘Move’ window with the most recent versions, but that will affect everything, not just a specific setting - they’re global speed / power override adjustments.

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