Speed issue with Gweike laser

Hello everyone.

I am having an issue with my Gweike cloud laser and Lightburn.

I am engraving a bamboo cutting board.

I initially engrave with 25% power (min/max), 400DPI and 400mm/sec speed. Lens has a moderate speed and engrave is light.

I reduce the speed to 200mm/sec and other settings same. Lens is ~2x faster and engrave is dark.

Can somebody explain that to me?

I understand that low speed gives laser more time to touch the wood, but why is lens travelling much faster on 200mm/s than 400mm/s ?

Thanks a lot.


The time required to traverse each scan line inside the actual image will decrease with increasing speed, but most of the elapsed time is spent outside the image in the overscan areas on either side, where the laser head slows down to a stop, reverses direction, and speeds up to the engraving speed again.

So slowing down reduces the time spend outside the image and can actually reduce the elapsed time to engrave the whole thing.

Watch how far the head travels along each line at 100, 200, and 400 mm/s and you’ll see how it works.

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Fully understood, thank you very much. I am newbie here but I see that this forum is a treasure!

Keep in mind the 400mm/s@400dpi is awfully fast… What kind of lens do you have on the machine?


Yes I finally know that!

At last my bamboo engraving is nice and dark!

Reduced the speed to 150mm/s with 45% power, 317LPI and defocusing around 6mm.

Lens is a 2mm one.

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