Speed problem with lb

hi all,so for what ever reason i have having problems with the speed of the laser,speed 20 moves the same as speed 200, can anyone help

I’m having the same problem!

r u on inchs ben,if so send me a screen shot of your cut page settings i have fixed mine

Thank you @kellyken for your kind offer but you may not have the same system as Ben. Hard to tell because you do not provide your setup information in this post, nor your forum profile.

I am glad to see you have resolved the issue you where having. Share here what system you have, and what you did to resolve.

Posting here is the best way to ensure the solutions shared matches the issue so please, let’s keep the support questions here where we all benefit from the shared knowledge.

PS. Please update your profile to include information about your machine(s) and setup. That way no one has to ask, and you won’t have to repeat yourself. :slight_smile:

I suspect in Dermot’s case he was using Inches/sec for speeds, meaning everything was going 25.4x faster than he expected, and the controller was capping it at the maximum speed. For this, use the Inch / mm/sec mode so speeds are still in mm/sec.


For Ben, since you’re on an Eleksmaker diode, your controller probably has a maximum speed set as well, and you might still be in mm/sec mode, not the more common mm/minute used for slower systems.


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