Speed settings causing X axis skew

Hello, I’ve just been testing my newly built laser cutter, and my accuracy, homing and alignment tests all worked fine, and provided consistent results.

However whilst trying to cut my first test shape, I noticed some of the lines from different layers did not line up. It seems that layers with higher speeds result in X axis “skew” - even though slower speeds produce perfectly square cuts.

This can be shown in the test cut below, shown with the design/layers. The top set of squares are skewed, whilst the lower and outer squares are orthogonal. It seems that this may be caused by software or controller settings, rather than the hardware - but I can’t figure out what setting is wrong. Any ideas what it may be caused by?

(Sorry the test is on a random form I had lying around, couldn’t find a blank sheet of paper)

I was reading around, and looks like this might be caused by https://lightburnsoftware.github.io/NewDocs/ScanningOffsetAdjustment.html

I’ll read through the settings for calibrating this tomorrow :+1:

Edit: On second thoughts, it’s more likely the “Fixing Skewed Engraving” topic here. Probably should have looked for more docs before posting, but my initial searches didn’t yield many results, and I’m just getting familiar with this place

Edit2: Yep, looks like changing the “PWM Rising Edge Valid” (No to Yes) fixed it!


I like it when our existing help ends up being a solution, and you’re able to find it. :slight_smile:

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