Speed tests using Laser Tree F45 10W laser on CNC 3018 Pro frame


i’ll be reporting speed tests on various materials using the Laser Tree F45 10W module on a CNC 3018 frame.

I’ve only done 1 test so far, the spreadsheet can be viewed here :

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Did you see one ? :slight_smile:

Here’s a question… Why so slow with a 10w laser?

I was wondering that myself, not up to the speeds it was advertised as being capable of :

The web site states


Looks to me like you are very close to the same values of 50mm/m@100% power.

Might get a better result if you focus in the center of the material thickness for cutting

You should focus 2.5mm lower than the surface… that puts the focus in the center giving you 2.5mm of depth of focus from the center.


Interesting! I have bored holes in 3mm red transparent acrylic at 700mm/m, 70% pwr, and 4 passes.

Have not cut any smoked acrylic, but smoke transparent water bottles etch very well at 2800mm/m, 30% pwr, and 1 pass.

Maybe the thickness is why the slower speed as @jkwilborn suggests.

Just went back and checked a recent project:
700mm/m, 95%, 10 passes = 1:43 minutes
50mm/m, 100%, 1 pass = 2:23 minutes

Looks like multiple passes is the preferred method.

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This depends completely on your machine and the type of material. With a spindle or galvo cnc you can do cleanup passes… This is very difficult with co2 or diode lasers as your control is more limited.

I cut at the highest comfortable power (to me) and the fastest speed that will cut, in one pass. This has always resulted in the smoothest cuts…

You have to figure out what’s best for your setup.

For you, on your machine with your material, multiple passes is the preferred method might be a true statement.

Have fun


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Thanks for that, i remembered the figures as being faster.