Speed Up My Jobs

Hey All!

I am doing 3 inch high by 10 inch long acrylic desk plates. The laser travel left to right along the X-axis and is taking an incredible amount of time to finish each product. My settings are set to begin at the bottom of the job.

Is there a way to reduce the passes? Maybe have the laser start from left side of the job?

Any advice would be helpful.


Reduce the number of passes is simple, reduce the lines per inch (lpi/dpi). You are scanning with the ‘fill’ option so it scans them line by line. It’s probably the fastest way to do that operation.

The only way to speed it up is, if your Y axes is faster, rotate the piece and scan it at 0 degrees. Unfortunately the X axis is usually the least weight and fastest.



Adding to Jacks reply …

DPI could probably goto 0.15mm without causing an issue. (you currnetly have 0.05mm which is very tight)

I also see you are using only 10% power. you could up the power and increase the speed, do a few tests to see how much speed you can go before errors, then take off 10% for safety.