Spikes in Lines after direction change


probably there is a very simple solution for my problem, I just don’t know it yet :slight_smile:

I use an Ortur Laser Maser 15w and have the latest firmware and Lightburn version installed. So far everything has worked fine, but since about a week I am having distortions in the lines. I could make the problem visible with two squares rotated by 45 degrees:

Always after a change of direction there are two “peaks” in the opposite direction. It is especially bad with small letters, these are not really visible.

At 100mm/sec, 80mm/sec or 60mm/sec (the upper one in the image) the problem occurs. Only if I engrave much slower (less than 30mm/sec, lower one in the image) it gets better.

Thankful for any help.


You have wobble / “ringing” in your system. Basically, when the laser head changes direction quickly the mass of the laser tries to keep moving in the direction it was going and it will then oscillate back and forth after it’s already started moving in the perpendicular direction.

There’s a handful of ways to fix this and you may need one, some, or all of them:

  • tighten your belts
  • decrease your acceleration settings($120 or $121 config options or do it from “Machine Settings”)
  • slow down (you already tried this, just here for completeness)
  • Check that your laser is firmly mounted to the system
  • check that there’s no slop in your linear bearings or v-wheels

Hi Adam,

the end of the rubber band of the Y axis was indeed not in the right position. I could fix this with your advice and the engraving is much cleaner now :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

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