Spindle shuts down, like 50 miliseconds, between start pause time and cutting in grbl after v0.9.17

After the last 2 lightburn versions (or so), the program modified its spindle behavior.
Spindle then turns on for the time you set in start pause time (in layer properties), ok no problem, but then it turns off for like 50 miliseconds and only afterwadrs it turns on again and starts to move and cut etc.
I did change lots of arduinos, unos running grbl 1.1h and megas, and even flashed the new grbl 1.1J, but every time the same problem persists, no more places left to tweak in program or in grbl variables.
Another problem was that after each line or object, the spindle also turns itself off for some 20 miliseconds or so, and only after this off power pause, then starts the new part, like stopping and shuttind down spindle 20 miliseconds in every corner of a square, for exmple.
This one problem I could solve setting Device as GRBL 1.1F or earlier (no pwm control I think), not ideal but less worse.
But the pause after start pause time I still could not solve
Does anyone has some clue of how to fix it?
Best regards

Have you tried reverting to an older version to verify that it is definitely the software? All older versions are in our release archive here: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/deployment/releases

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