Spiral lines on vector fill

I have a vector image that was created in Inkscape. I did a fill+line engrave. I am noticing a spiral pattern that follows the vector lines on the engrave. The laser movement was across these lines.

Could you please point me to the right settings to eliminate this pattern? I would like the filled area to be uniformly engraved if possible.


Portion of design in lightburn with fill view turned on:

That looks like the grain of the wood on the inner pieces of ply. If you didn’t use overscanning, the edges would be deeper, which could explain why it follows the outer edge, but no other edges.

Here is another test cut on mdf with 5% (5mm) overscan. I don’t think I would have noticed it here but the spirals can still be seen.

I’ll try rasterizing the image and see if that exhibits the same effect.

Depending on the speed used, and the acceleration setting, 5mm of overscan might not be enough. If it’s reducing speed & power before it passes that edge, you could still get those lines. It looks from this image that the scanning direction was this:


Is that correct? You can see that the ‘echoes’ you’re referring to only happen along that direction. Look along the top edge of the upper rectangle you marked - they aren’t there, only in the lower section, along the direction of the scan, not perpendicular to it.

This was done at 100mm/sec @ 20% on a K40 with mini-Gerbil with the default acceleration settings:

The lines in the image below shows the scanning direction in red and the artifact I’m talking about in blue.

Thanks for the help.I’ll continue experimenting with the overscan. If you have any recommendations on acceleration or other settings I am happy to give those a try as well.


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