Spiral text to path?

Hey laser people,

Is it possible to create a spiral pattern and then place text along to line, I can do this in inkscape , I was just wondering as I’d like to start using lightburn for as much as I can to try an make my workflow more efficient.

Many thanks

Have a look at this if you haven’t already.

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Thanks Rick. Very informative, so my next Q is how do i make a spiral quick an easy? in inkscape there is a preset (from memory) that just creates a spiral. love the starting point arrows, simple but as most things simple, great. I find the node movement is very fluid compared to some other programs.

LightBurn does not currently provide a tool to create spiral shapes, so you will need to create that outside or import image of the desired spiral and then use the ‘Trace Image’ feature to convert to a vector.

I use Illustrator but I believe Inkscape has the same draw spiral function. You should be able to create the spiral path then type text on it then change the text to paths which you then import into Lightburn.

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