Split image into multiple sections

I have a single image file that contains all elements I want to engrave. It contains some shapes at the very top of my workspace and some on the bottom. If I now fill this image at a 90° angle (results are way better than at 0°), my engraving time extends by 200% due to all the travelling from top to bottom.
Is there a way to split the image and treat different parts of the image as separate images so “top” shapes are filled after “bottom” shapes?

My backup plan is to create two images, one with the “top” shapes and one with the “bottom” shapes but I’d like to see if there is an easier way first.

I would put the elements on different layers with the setting you want then set layer order and have at it.

for complex tasks with many parts, I put everything “outside” my work area and then retrieve the things I want to process. Sometimes I save the different sub-processing with a T1 or T2 layer with the same dimensions as my work surface, then I have 3-4 different processes I pick up as needed.

If it’s an actual image, you can use the new image masking tool. Make a copy of the image, and mask the top one and bottom one with two different tool layers to keep only the parts you want.

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