Split objects to create cut path

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So I created several boxes with text in each box. After I was done I obviously had just one cut. I am trying to etch (fill) the text and cut (line) the box shape. If I select all of the boxes and not the text can I somehow create an additional cut for just the boxes?Example file

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Select box shapes
Select new color (same for all box)
LB will create new layer for this new color elements
Select cut/draw mode for this layer


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As mentioned in your previous post, you should take a look at these links as they cover the basic operations of LightBurn, the workspace, how to set Layers and adjust for different cut styles (Line, Fill and Fill & Line) along with FAQ’s and other useful ‘How To’ tips and tricks can be found using the search function of this forum.


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Just as an fyi, I had watched most of the that Lightburn has put out. And I have watched many 3rd party videos. My problem was that the color swatch bar was hidden and I had to make the window smaller to see it.

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