"Splitting the Difference" after Trace Image? AKA centerline trace

I use “trace image” on a JPEG, PDF, or PNG, but when I do, the lines have a thickness.

For example, if I “trace image” a black line, I get a “vector” AROUND that line when what I really want is a simple, single cut.

Is there any way to have LightBurn “split the difference” between the outside edges of a traced line so that I get a single cut instead of an “outlined edges of a line stroke” (if my question makes sense)?

What you’re describing is generally referred to as “centerline tracing” and no, there’s no such capability in LightBurn today.

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InkScape has the feature though, and it’s free, so until we figure out how to get our own done, that’s an option.


I also found this - convert a file online to a centerline traced SVG to download. It’s not perfect, but until I find the holy grail I might see if it can be tweaked (which might be a bit quicker than me trying to figure out how to install the Inkscape extension).

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I tried the link and got some pretty sad results… didn’t fiddle with it much…

Did you try it?


Extension? No extension is required. Pick “Centerline tracing (autotrace)” in Detection Mode under “Single Scan” mode.


Yes, I tried it and yes, rather mediocre results. I also found “Best 10 Vector Conversion Alternative Online free” but also less than perfect. I’ve tried manually “tracing” with node editing which is satisfactory but VERY time consuming.

Okay. I didn install Inkscape after reading posts about earlier versions but will give it a try. Have you found thatvit works well?

It does what it says it does. However, the success of this largely depends on the quality of the input file. If you have a very clean line drawing it can work quite well. But not all image types are conducive to centerline tracing.

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