Spot on lens of new Ortur 20 watt laser-normal?

This spot showed up on the lens of my new Ortur 20 watt laser on my Ortur LM3
. A tech from Ortur said that this was normal. I am having a hard time believing that, especially, since it appeared my Ortur 10 watt laser will do a better and much faster burn then the 20 watt laser. Do these spots look normal to you?? The one picture shows a burn at 140 in/min at 90% power.

It’s visible light laser, it should be clear… it looks like it’s burnt to me…

Been doing metal or anything reflective? My co2 had this happen, when I insisted on marking some stainless steel…

Cost me a new lens.


The only thing I have done with this laser is wood and NWT. I will be contacting Ortur again. I’d be happy with getting a new lens. The laser is still under warranty. It’s only about two months old. Thanks for your reply!

If you can edit your header to make this appear in the Ortur section, @OrturTech might give you a hand quicker…

Hopefully he’ll hear my call :pray:

Good luck


Thank you, Sir!!