Square becomes rectangle

Please help me with this problem,

If I draw a Square of 20 by 20 mm and burn this the program translates this in

20 mm with is correct but the Y is 20 x 2.3 = 46 mm.

I checked the G code and the code is telling that the square is a 20 x 46 mm thing

Question, what do I do wrong?

Thanks in advance.

You need to adjust the steps / mm in the firmware.
Go to the console and type in $$. Check the value behind $100 and adjust it accordinly.
Formula would be:
New steps = old steps / 46 * 20
Type in $100 = New steps (the calculated value of course)

Example: You enter $$ and find the value behind $100 is 160,
New steps = 160 / 46 * 20 = 69.565
You enter $100=69.565 and press Enter.

Roy, Thank you for your fast response, I gone give it a try and keep you posted.

If the GCode days it’s 20 x 46 it’s not your steps. Do you have rotary mode enabled?

Roy, This is not the problem, the G Code is simply wrong, but thanks for your advice.

LightBurn Oz, Yes I had rotary mode enabled and after switching this OFF the program
made the perfect code and worked perfect, thanks very much for that.
Question, when do I enable rotary, only if a radius is programmed?

Thanks in advance,

You would only use rotary mode when using a rotary device - like a roller or chuck rotary for turning glassware under the laser.

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