square full size cut is very nice, but it is round and the writing is terrible, how do I fix it?

Seamlessly cut a 2020mm square on A4 paper. I tried a 2020mm circle on the same paper, the result is 94*94mm square, how can I solve it?
My printer: ender3 marlin TH3D version 2.5

Note: I did not make any changes to the marlin. you don’t know how to change

this photo is creality workshop aplication.
It seems that the problem is not with marlin, but with the lightburn application. without any adjustments, the creality app cut it perfectly. There is a mistake somewhere. lightburn cannot rotate round and oval areas. It would be great if an update is made and this bug is fixed.

I’d like to confirm that you sent the 20mm square in both cases and did not send a circle.

LightBurn can control a wide variety of lasers. Because of this, you must apply relevant settings to LightBurn. If the Creality app only connects to the one device, with a fairly consistent set of common settings, it should work without great effort. Do you have the Config file for your Marlin v2.5 controller?

Please share the file where the areas are not rotating. I hope I will see a reason for what you are seeing.

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