Squared lines on circle made in lightburn

I’ve tried everything I can thing of to make this circle… checked belts, checked pulleys, nodes and settings. Does it on all size circles

I have a thought. Lubing the rails might help.

Thanks for your reply. I have checked all the hardware.

When I’m running the machine I can tell it is purposely going straight on those parts

Your profile says “K40”, but no mention of controller, motor drivers, etc. More details about your specific setup would help us help you.

If your stepper drivers are underpowered, or the rails were sticky, this could happen, but that would likely also lead to motor skipping when ramping up to speed. With loose pinions or belts, the flat spots are usually shifted to one side, so things are less symmetrical.

I’m using cohesion 3-D everything else is stock

If you’ve genuinely checked all the stuff you’ve listed, then I’m at a loss. There is no setting or adjustment in LightBurn that could make it do that, so I believe that it is mechanical, or, less likely, something with either the Smoothieware settings or the board itself.

What does it look like in the LightBurn preview window? Is it perfectly round, or does it have the flat lines?

OK I’ll tell you what fixed it. I went to the cut settings where you decide the speed and power. And hit the button return to defaults. It didn’t change anything but the speed and power. I change the speed in power back to the same settings I had it at and it cut a perfect circle.

Using lightburn for almost a year this has never happened before

It was perfectly round

I can’t think of anything you could change in those settings that could cause that. That’s very strange. Do you have a previous version of the file saved that you could send me? I’d really like to see if there’s anything set that might’ve made this happen, because I’m drawing a blank.

I’ll see if I can re-create it

If you just undo to before the reset and save that as a new name, that should do it.

I’ve already saved it with the fix. I’ll see if I have an old version I think I do… Where do I send it? Also before I sent my response I went back to the old version and did it again.

Send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, and include a link to this thread please - it might take me a couple days to get to, so including the thread link will jog my memory.

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OK I went ahead and sent it to you…There are 2 files one does it and one doesn’t

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