Squished Images on Cup

I am new to LightBurn and the engraving with a 50W Gray and Blue Laser.

My laser came with the hotdog roller attachment. I have been trying to engrave a cup (Yeti type tumbler) but am not able to get the images right. The circles are horizontally squished making them more of an oval and the writing is squished as well. Are there step by step instructions on how to engrave on cups? Can anybody provide me with the settings I need to put in? I did make the image canvas the size and circumference of the cup.

Hi Sylvia, glad you came to visit, learn and contribute to the LightBurn community. Which controller drives this “50W Blue and Gray CO2 Laser”?

I would suggest you review our documentation for rotary support and also use the forum search tool, found at the upper-right of each page, as this subject matter has been covered in great depth here previously. https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/RotarySetup.md#rotary-attachment-setup



You have your roller diameter set to 100mm which is clearly not correct, and your object diameter should be set to the diameter of your cup, which looks to be quite a lot larger than 8.4mm.

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