SSD laser module, Which one is the most bang for the buck?

I play mostly in the CO2 world and have not done any homework on the current state of SSD laser modules. The last one I purchased was a 2 watt J-Tech laser about 6 years ago. At the time it was state of the art and the power supply is still a beast and an amazing piece of work.

I purchased the $79.00 laser which of course for the price has an anemic laser. Since I have a CO2 laser, I am not looking for a unit that can do more than engrave well on tile. This said, my budget is about $150.00, closer to the $100.00 mark but willing to pay for quality vs quantity.

I have been reading that the optics have greatly improved so power is not as relevant as it once was. There are now name brands that have a multitude of variations and that is what I am trying to sort out.

Thanks in advance. Let the shouting begin!

I mistook the ssd for a solid state drive… Not used to it being used to describe a laser…

I have a Neje 30 watt input, I think it’s an N40630 model. Had it on my CNC3018, then got the co2, so I promptly forgot about the Neje…

The JL1 is where it lives now, replacing the 3000mW model that came with it. It will engrave not engrave on tile, but it will allow the use of the TiO2 or even LBT100 coatings to be used, at least on porcelain tiles… Got some interesting colors with the LBT100… Still working with the LBT100 and the tile with glue/water/soap/TiO2 mixture…

It is quite impressive for a little laser that runs on 12 volts and 3 amps…


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$100-$150 prices you out of basically most “name brand” products from the more popular names like Ortur, Neje, Atomstack, xTool, Sculpfun. However, if as you say you’re really only focused on engraving that can be achieved with really any competent laser.

Here’s an Atomstack M40 for $180 that shows a $30 off coupon which would put it on the top end of your range: ATOMSTACK 40W Laser Module, Laser Engraver Module with Ultra-fine Compression Technology (0.03mm²), Compatible for Most Laser Engraver Cutting Machine : Arts, Crafts & Sewing

Assume output power to be around 5W.

This is an older Ortur model (1.6W) with adjustable focus for $60: ORTUR Laser Unit 7W 12V Laser Module Adjustable Focus PWM Mode for Desktop Engraving Machine (LU1-2)

Here’s a 40W model from Twin Trees that seems to do OEM work and becoming more common. They claim 20,000 hours of life. I’d expect about 5W out of this. Laser Module, Upgraded 23mm Fixed Focus to Balance Engraving and Cutting, 5W Optical Power with Magnetic Eye Protection Cover Metal Wind Gathering Hood, Suitable for Laser Engraver & Cutter Machine

This one caught my eye. It’s from TwoWin which I’ve never heard of but it’s a dual-diode model for $90. They claim 20W output using a 12V power source. However, they list optical output at 5W so not sure why the discrepancy. They also list focus spot as 0.08 x 0.08mm… Some of these claims seem a little too good to be true at $90 since comprable models would be $300. But this could be just the difference between generic and name brand products. Laser Module, TwoWin 20W-12V High Power Laser Head, 5W Optical Power Engraver Module, Double Ultra-Fine Compressed Spot, Compatible with DIY Laser Engraver Cutting Machine

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In the last two, one is 40 watts the other is 20 watts and they both put out 5 watts? This is suspicious.

All of them look like good laser modules.

This is the one I’m using…


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The marketing is all messed up on most of these because they quote the input power. AFAIK the highest power diode laser is 5w output and so you will only get more than that if they combine multiple emitters. The most powerful ones on the market right now are 20W output which combine 4 5w diodes. Xtools has one as well as Atomstack. They are pushing $600 currently. Here is a video comparing the two:

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