Stability issue straight line.... or not

Hello Guys,

After some tests with my new laser head from cloudray on my K40. I have strange issue sometimes when the Y motor is moving… Is anyone have an idea to fix this kind of issue ?

My setup

Any help will be appreciate…


Were these burned in the orientation shown in the photos using a horizontal scan? The second photo with the material test makes me think you ran this vertically.

In any case, this seems most likely to be a loose belt issue. Recheck tension or for damage to belts/gears. Also check that the pinion gears are well secured and that they’re not slipping on the stepper shaft.

If not something mechanical then it’s possible you’re attempting to run too quickly and motors are skipping. I tend to think this isn’t the case since the material test shows problems even at low speeds.

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Thank you very much berainlb for taking the time to investigate my concern. You’re right the first capture was done verticaly and the second one horizontaly ! Good catch…

I had already suspected the belt because I had to remove it during the installation of the new cloudray mirrors. However I tightened it well, more than needed… I really don’t understand. I observe however on my last tests that the engraving is difficult on the bottom of the letter Y and P which are the first lines to be engraved after the rapid move of the installation to engrave. Is there a way to limit this speed to see what happens? Another idea ?

Here are various videos and screenshots of my latest tests:

Overtension can also be a problem if this is causing binding. They should be just tight enough to remove any slack. They should be taught but not stretched.

I took a look at the videos. It’s hard to say from just looking at the video as it may be something subtle but still seems like something mechanical.

It would be easiest to just change the speed for the whole layer.

Looks like a grub screw … It shifts then recovers…

Can’t explain the 2nd photo issue… that would appear to be occurring on the other axes.


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