Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Hello all, newbie here.

Best settings and methods for engraving stainless steel water bottles?
Laser - NEJE Master 2s Max
GRBL 1.1f
Lightbrun 0.9.22

Thanks in advance

Engraving metal is not possible with the equipment you have. The definition of engraving is to “cut or carve (a text or design) on the surface of a hard object”. When engraving, you are removing material, which in this case, you are wanting to remove metal.

You can, however, create works on the surface of this material using a chemical bonding agent. Paint or spray on, laser to bond to material, wash remaining off surface to reveal final results. The power / speed settings required to bond will be based on the bonding agent manufactures recommendations.

The power required to engrave metal is significantly higher than the output from these DIY diode jewels. :wink:

Thanks Rick. What about using the laser on Glasses or Wine Bottles?

You are using a relatively low-powered laser. I have not personally tried this using a diode-based laser, but others might have some direct feedback.

I also noticed, please update your ‘Machines’ section of your forum profile, so we all don’t have to ask, and you don’t need to repeat yourself when posting. :slight_smile: Thanks

Hey @ChrisBNJ!

I engrave quite a lot of bottles and usually buy them which are pre-painted (Don’t know the exact term for this)

But there are many different colours out there which can be bought off the shelf

Put them straight in a rotary attachment and away you go! Pretty easy on settings too.
I’m using an 80w Tube
15% power
300 SPD
0.70 MM/S
Set to Fill

Just make sure you have your rotary set up correctly!

Yes, this process is removing an existing coating to expose the metal beneath. This is achievable using a well focused Diode laser as the OP has, so using an 80W CO2, no problems removing this coating at all. :slight_smile:

Make a template with the laser.
Attach the template to the bottle.
Etch the bottle through the template.
Easiest etching with salt water and electricity.

make template / decals

Etching (starts at 1:10)

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