Standalone engraving not available Neje master 2s LB MacOS


When connecting Neje laser LB doesn’t propose me anything else than serial connection. Is there any way to work offline anyhow ?

extra precision : I really love lightburn just bought it and read the entire manual beautiful work of integration here

thank you for any answers

Are you just trying to design on a computer without the laser connected, or are you asking if there is a way to use the NEJE itself without connecting to the computer?

My question here is about sending work to the laser with LB and disconnect the cable so the laser runs by itself.

I believe that function is only available with the NEJE software and their custom firmware. These machines run two different firmware chips in parallel, and pick the right one on startup. The NEJE firmware is custom, proprietary, and not supported, and the GRBL firmware is open source, but only supports USB streaming.

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