Start and end pause in 9.16

Hey, anyone else notice that the start and end pause in 9.16 is not editable in the cut parameters? One of my configurations had a lengthy start and end pause to allow me to shut off the laser before the cut if needed, however when I upgraded from 9.14 to 9.16 the setting wasn’t available. However, the configuration still used the pauses. Which resulted in the laser turning on and pausing for 0.5 seconds at the start and end of the cut.

I was able to reinstall 9.14 and edit the start and end pause times without further problems. However, it looks like an old form might have been used for the gui.

Are you in Beginner Mode, by chance? Was this a fill layer, or line? And what type of laser do you have?

I didn’t know there was a beginner mode. I reinstalled 9.16 and determined that it was not in beginner mode and that the issue still exists. The cut was a line, and I was able to draw a square and I still don’t see the start and end pause options. I didn’t try it on the laser again to determine if the start/end pause is still present in the cut. I think the start/end pause is a cut through function so I don’t think it was ever in fill option. The laser is a lightobject x7 dsp (aka trocen-awc708) on a custom build, I was running the laser through lightburn instead of sending the job to the dsp.

Looking at the code, we don’t actually support delays for the Trocen controller, which means that this isn’t LightBurn doing this, but the controller itself.

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