Start and Frame button too close together

I would like to see the developers consider moving the Start and Frame buttons further apart on the next release.

Twice I have framed a piece using shift-frame, but instead the mouse drifted up to the Start button, thus blinding me with unprotected laser light.

Thank you for your feedback. I would like to suggest you post this to our feature request site so we can track the interest of our users for this addition. We will also pop you a notice when the status of something you voted on changes.

I can’t add much vertical space between them, because it would cause issues for users with space-constrained displays. I’ve been thinking of rearranging them a bit though - does this work?


For DSP users, it would look like this:



The two designs above fit the criteria of helping users avoid hitting the Start button when actually needing the Frame button. This should work nicely.

I’ll submit this to the beta group and get feedback. I think it might take a bit of getting used to, but it might end up being better in the long run. Thanks for the feedback!

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