Start burning in a particular part of the cut


New here and loving LightBurn. Is there a way to start a cut part of the way through the program? For example, I am doing a large sign and I chose ‘Flood Fill’. It burned a letter only halfway and then got off line later in the program. I would like to pick the spot from where it starts from (not the path start) so that it does not burn the spot (already burned) twice.

Is this possible? I’ve searched the forum and cannot find anything on this.

Thanks in advance.

Good question that I’ve had myself. A couple other programs I use for CNC Routers, Mach3 and UCCNC both have “Run From” so I can choose what line in gcode to start from. I’ve not found a way to start in the middle of job in Lightburn. It may be possible to generate the gcode with Lightburn then run it in a simulator to figure out what line you want to resume from and then edit the gcode file to remove what you don’t want ran again. Probably be pretty tough on a laser since the step over will be very small compared to what a router bit would be. Probably not the best approach but it may work if your very thorough and get a bit lucky.

ETA: I just realized you show a Ruida controller so what I stated may not be correct for that type of system. But if it can run gcode files it may.

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No, not currently in the way you are thinking. You can try to recover your work if you change the ‘Scan Angle’ to 180º and stop when this cut meets the interrupted cut. You can also use the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ found in the ‘Laser’ window, to only cut shapes you select. This can useful when only wanting to recover a specific section of your work.

Ruida controllers have the ability to auto recover a job if there was a loss of power.

What does this mean, exactly?

You should also limit using ‘Flood-Fill’ to “picture frame” type shapes. To quote our 9.08 release notes, " Flood Fill for DSP controllers ~ The Flood Fill option is back, and much improved. It still makes weird paths if you use it for complex designs, but it is now compatible with DSP controllers, respects the scanning offset settings, and even works with ramp mode."

Thanks @HumptyDumpty. Really appreciate your detail and time.

Thank you @Rick. Really appreciate it. I am going to try update it 180 degrees. Appreciate the quick response! :grinning:

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