Start burning position

I need to burn an image using two pieces of wood. Therefor I would like to be able to set the stating point for burning at a certain location of my image once I burn on the second piece of wood. It is similar to tiling and image across several pieces. How Can this be done?

Start the Preview window and position the slider to put the crosshair cursor at the right place in the image, click the Start here button, then pick the option for continuing.

A fixture to hold the pieces in a consistent position will surely improve the outcome! :grin:

Good tip. However when I do a preview, the image is all black. I toggle all the options to no avail. I wish I could see the image so I could better locate the starting point.

That seems like a problem with image contrast / intensity which must be sorted out before trying to engrave it.

Having little experience with such things, I’ll defer to someone more knowledgeable …

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