Start button does nothing

I have a Fox alien le 4040 and whenever i press the start button nothing happens, nothing shows up in the console either. The fire button works and so do the material test options

What’s your history with this laser? Was this previously working or this is new to you?

Can you take a full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded and ready to burn? Please make sure to have Cut/Layers window and Laser window showing.

I got it new and it was previously working, i just havent used it for a while

I don’t see anything obvious in the screenshot that would prevent it from running. Surprised you’re not getting anything in Console and can you confirm that there’s no message from LightBurn either?

One thing I’m noticing is that your machine is setup with Origin at top-left. I’m not familiar with any Fox Alien machines intended for top-left origin. Can you confirm this is deliberate?

Also, does your machine have homing switches and are you homing prior to using the laser?

Please also test jogging controls. Do they work in the intended direction?

It seems like it was a license issue, i downgraded to a older version and it works fine now. Thanks for the help

In what way? I’m not sure if there’s a situation where these particular symptoms would appear this way.

How were you able to determine this being the issue?

It said the current version was released after my license expired but i didnt see that when i started the first time so i downloaded a version before from my license expired and it starts right up now

Super interesting. I didn’t think you would be allowed to even get to the point of pushing the Start button in that case or I would have thought you would have gotten some sort of message.

Thanks for the update and glad you’re up and running.

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