Start Button Not Working

DSP 1060 80W C02 Laser (Ruida DRC6445 System)

This is the laser & controller, I have tried everything that I could find on Youtube & different forums.

I just tried to do a 2" circle, it burned an oval, then I tried to make the width of the circle 1" with height 2" but it still cut the same.

No matter what adjustments I make, the cut is always the same.

Hope this helps

Have you tried using RDWorks to see if it behaves the same? If it does, then it would be a machine setting or firmware issue. If it behaves differently, then it would be a software issue, so it’s worth checking.

I’ve just tried to run a job on the 6445 with the rotary enabled, and both from RDWorks and LightBurn pressing the Start button has no effect, so this appears to be an issue with the firmware, not software.

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