Start center, finish center

Hey guys and gals, question. I am engraving the inside of a cheese box or hat box lid. So the part Im engraving is recessed. So I have to raise the laser, place the wood down, then lower the laser inside. Question is, I want to start the laser in the center, AND Finish in the center instead of going Home/origin… because it will hit the wood. How do I set/get the laser once its finished to return the the job starting point? Thanks

I’ve never figured out how to get the Ruida to return to the starting point. I think you can do it with a user set origin which I don’t use.

There is a setting called Return Position in the controller. I just set it to “no return.” It doesn’t go back to the starting point but it does leave the laser wherever it is when the job finishes.

Are you using a Ruida controller? Move the laser head to where you want it and press the Origin button on the keypad. Set the laser/cut origin on LB to “User Origin”. Select wherever you want the relative origin to be (center, upper-left, etc).

Make sure the the target is where you want it in relation to the original and fire way. The return-to-origin will be the origin you set, not the machine home.

If you run a job in ‘Current Position’ mode it will always return back to that position, because it’s the only way to make the job repeatable. I don’t think the return mode is used in this case (though it would be wise to check that with an empty table first).

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