Start delay from WIND?

I was hoping to use the WIND output to trigger the exhaust blower and tankless diaphragm air assist compressor only while running.

There’s no delay though, if the head is near the start point it will begin cutting before there’s flow from them.

I found “IDLE DELAY” and gave it 1000ms. But it’s not just affecting the start of the run, it added a 1 sec delay to EVERY vector start within the job. Not what I’m looking for.

Any way to add a delay here? Ruida menu has so many cryptic entries.

I believe the delay is between the WIND and the STATUS. Last time I talked with Ruida R&D that is what they were looking at. You might have to update your firmware for it to kick in.

Well, it’s not the output I need delayed. The output is prompt upon hitting PLAY. But it takes 2-3 sec for the exhaust blower to spool up, but the laser may start cutting immediately. So running needs to be delayed so the blower and AA will be ready before cutting.

Say, I saw the stuff about “reserved” OUT1 and OUT2 being usable as idle/fault/running indicators for an LED stack. I saw where they said it doesn’t matter if you config the indictor as enabled or not.

I understand these outputs to be 24V open-collector. I have a 24V LED stack I tested all the lights on, it works. Initially, I was frustrated the data didn’t say what the polarity was, but then I saw they put a fullwave bridge in front of the power for each LED so it doesn’t matter it you have common as +24V and pulldown the colors, or common-ground and drive +24V for each color. That’s find, just put the common on 24V and let OUT1/OUT2/STATUS drive out.

However, I could not get anything out of OUT1 or OUT2 so far, regardless of enable or which cause was clicked in the config matrix.

You need to understand the outputs on the Ruida are ‘current sinks’. The Ruida completes the ground to enable the device. If that’s what you were saying, I missed it with the full wave bridge and stuff.

Connect the device to 24v, the other side goes to the Ruida, that complete it’s path to ground when active. As you can see there is no reason to indicate polarity.

Lots of people use the out1/out2, but the manual advises against it. :crazy_face:

There is a ‘idle delay’ option in the controller, clueless what that does.

Make sense?


I understand these outputs to be 24V open-collector.
Yep, I know it’s a 24v current sink. I have the LEDs wired from 24V to OUT1, etc. They don’t light. I confirmed with a multimeter than all these outputs are inactive and being pulled up close to 24V by the load so the load only gets like 0.5V differential. That is, it’s a totally normal “off” for an open-collector.

“Idle Delay” seems to be a pause at the start of every vector while running. This could be useful if you have aggressive acceleration during rapids between vectors and your machine is still shaking or belt oscillating and you want to just dwell at the start point before starting the beam.

You cannot reliably put a high impedance meter on an open collector circuit and determine if it’s operating. You need a minimum amount of current flow to determine if it’s operating under most circumstances…

Are you sure they didn’t just act like a flash bulb? 24v across an LED usually leaves marks.

Either way I don’t follow what this will give you. What you want is the ventilation to start up before the laser.

I have mine running off ‘Status’ never had a problem with ventilation even if it takes a second to crank up.

Good luck.


Actually, it may be the outputs you need. My understanding of the operation, is the delay is between the STATUS and the WIND. As in the STATUS comes on, then the WIND after the programmed delay. If you operate your external relay from the STATUS terminal, then you have your delay before the wind and project start. I don’t have / use it, so you would need to verify, but that was the original theory. I could have that backwards, so get out your handy dandy tester and double check me.

It’s two things. Starting the blower/AA after pressing Play- which works with WIND or STATUS, I’ve got that, but the Ruida will start cutting instantly and not give the blower a few seconds to spool up.

The second is the LED green/yellow/red stack light. I know it’s mostly bling, it uses “reserved” pins and not officially supported, but I have the stack and want to use it. If a firmware update breaks this, it’s not going to render the system inoperable.

The LED stack of course has its own internal driver and is designed to take 24V. AC or DC. Yes, I understand how open collector and multimeters work. It’s NOT being triggered. It’s floating high to near 24V because the LED stack is providing some leakage pullup, or there might be a pullup on the Ruida’s output. Not important. It’s not being pulled down, it’s not active. Except STATUS/WIND. I have connected the red LED of the stack to 24V and WIND and it lights while running. I want to use green for “not running, but the door interlock is closed and the water chiller is ready, so you can press Play not” and yellow for “door interlock or other fault, resolve before running.”

OUT1, OUT2 have never pulled low under any condition I’ve found

The opposite, actually. We don’t want a delay that starts the blower AFTER it starts the job. It is nice to have a delay to keep the exhaust running for a bit after the job ends though. Delay at the end is ok.

Prob is, of course the WIND/STATUS cannot predict that you’re going to press Play in a few seconds and start ahead of time. Because we need a delay between turning ON the exhaust/AA (should be immediate, not delayed) and then starting the job after that delay.

The Ruida is starting the job immediately. It triggers the blower/AA immediately, but I was looking for a delay inside the Ruida so you press Play, it triggers WIND (or STATUS, I don’t care) immediately, but then delays starting for like 3 sec so we can guarantee the exhaust and AA are flowing before we start cutting.

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Would making a small “piece” to a fake image to image first, by putting the power too low for the laser, but the fan and air assist come on.

Russ does that for the power test. Has a 5mm line at 1mm/s at 1% power.

Point here is entirely that it needs to be automatic. I would just add a manual switch long before that. Right now it just runs for as long as the Ruida’s power switch is on.

Don’t have my Ruida yet, but maybe you can program a “finish” position for each job that is in the opposite corner from home. So when you start a new job the head will home first before firing and give a delay?

I see a Return To Finish setting under Device Settings in Lightburn which can be set to position the head when the job is finished. If you set this to the opposite corner from “home” then it may provide enough delay if it homes before firing the laser.

why dont you use solid state relay with a delay timer in line

with this you will manually turn on the water and air before you start the job once you start the jot the wind output will continue to provide power to the solid state relay until the job is finish. just remember to put a diode on the wind connection to prevent power form the delay timer to flow backwards

Because that is the opposite of what we need. NO external device is going to make the AA/blower start sooner than the Ruida. There’s no way it can know that the Ruida will be started.

I’m looking for any way we might configure the Ruida to turn on the blower, then delay STARTING THE CUT for a few seconds.

Although fairly simple, this does appear there is no way to configure it.

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i am just giving you an alternative
solution that does work all you have to do is start it manually before you start the job

you will know when you are going to start the job thats why you are going to press the button 10 seconds before

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