Start From options

I believe I am using Version 9.04. Why don’t I see the “Starting From” pull down option on my Cut Screen?


Check to make sure you’re not in ‘Beginner Mode’.

This has come up so many times that I’ve put that option back for Beginner Mode for the next release, even though so few beginners understand how it works.

I had hoped removing that option for new users would reduce the number of questions we get about it, but it’s just changed to “why don’t I see this option?”

It’s just part of the dev process. You can’t win 'em all.

Thanks, I know for a fact that I am in Beginner Mode. What is the purpose of being in that mode?

Beginner mode simplifies the user interface by removing options that most beginners have trouble with.

It removes a few of the tools on the main UI, as well as a bunch of the settings in the cut window, so that someone who’s never used LightBurn before isn’t quite so overwhelmed by all the options and buttons available.

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