Start From options


(Jay Edelson) #1

I believe I am using Version 9.04. Why don’t I see the “Starting From” pull down option on my Cut Screen?

(Blake Bartlett) #2


Check to make sure you’re not in ‘Beginner Mode’.

(Oz) #3

This has come up so many times that I’ve put that option back for Beginner Mode for the next release, even though so few beginners understand how it works.

I had hoped removing that option for new users would reduce the number of questions we get about it, but it’s just changed to “why don’t I see this option?”

(Blake Bartlett) #4

It’s just part of the dev process. You can’t win 'em all.

(Jay Edelson) #5

Thanks, I know for a fact that I am in Beginner Mode. What is the purpose of being in that mode?

(Oz) #6

Beginner mode simplifies the user interface by removing options that most beginners have trouble with.

It removes a few of the tools on the main UI, as well as a bunch of the settings in the cut window, so that someone who’s never used LightBurn before isn’t quite so overwhelmed by all the options and buttons available.