Start from point - Trocen

Hi fairly new user! Still playing with the trial version.

Start from points, mine doesn’t give me any other option but controller settings option.

I would really like to test the others, absolute coordinates etc. I have a light object x7s dsp controller on a k40. Connected via USB.

Have I missed something in the setup? Still working things out.

That controller (a rebranded Trocen) doesn’t allow changing the starting mode in software - you have to do it from the menu on the machine, which is why you only see “controller setting” in the drop-down.

On your controller, do this:

  • Press the “Menu” button
  • Go to “Common Parameters Settings” and press enter
  • Go to “Work Mode” and press enter
  • Go to “Origin Mode” and press the left arrow to change it

“Soft Origin” means the software sets the origin, and it behaves like Absolute Coords

“Key Origin” means that you press the origin key on the controller (or the Set Origin button in LightBurn) and that sets the origin.

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