"Start Job" Hotkey Options?

I’m an enormous fan of any and all keyboard shortcuts, but since I started using lightburn, I’ve fat-fingered the “start job” shortcut by mistake a few times, and since it lacks a confirmation dialog, I’ve wound up kicking off jobs that either aren’t ready or aren’t set to the correct origin yet.

I’d like to suggest either adding a confirmation “go/no go” dialog to the start job button, or adding an option to disable any hotkeys for functions that cause the laser to fire in the settings to help cut down on accidents, especially on machines without interlocks.


Alt-S is the only hotkey that will run a job or fire the laser.

I can easily add a confirmation dialog to it, and briefly considered it, but thought that since most people dismiss those automatically it would mostly be an annoyance. I’ll add it to the list.

Thank you! – I tend to autopilot through them as well, but it’s nice to have an extra layer of protection when you knock a hotkey by mistake kicking between windows and mac, or when your fingers are half-numb from being in the shop :slight_smile: