Start keyboard shortcut is dangerous

I was trying to save a project in Lightburn using a keyboard shortcut, and accidentally pressed Alt+S instead of Ctrl+S, causing my laser to start running the job with no confirmation. As a software developer myself, I understand the usefulness of keyboard shortcuts for power users, although in this case I have to question whether such a dangerous command should have one. In any case, I noticed in the Settings that there is an option to ignore the Start button if the monitor is asleep, so I would like to request another option to add a confirmation dialog to the Start button. I think this might save a few people from making a serious mistake and having to scramble for the Stop button, which doesn’t appear to have a keyboard shortcut.

FYI if unaware, within Device Basic Settings is option for ‘Disable Start button’ which I always use & have never had issues with.

I don’t see the “Disable Start button” option. I see the “Enable laser fire button”, but that’s different.

The simplest way to do this would be to use the “User Checklist” option in Edit > Device settings. It’s meant for things like “Check your focus?” “Exhaust on?” and so on, but you could just make it say “are you sure?”

The Stop button is Ctrl+Break.

For what it’s worth I was surprised I never ran into this especially when transitioning from Mac or swapping back and forth with Mac since Cmd-s is typically save and is positioned where Alt is on Windows keyboards. But then realized it’s because I had remapped Alt-s to Ctrl-s using Powertoys Keyboard Manager. Might be a workaround for a safeguard if that’s something of interest.

@Oz thanks for the response, I will take a look at the User Checklist option, but would still encourage safety by default.

As far as the Stop shortcut, many laptops do not have a Pause/Break key, and apparently the key combination for the Ctrl+Break function differs between laptops. On some it seems to be Ctrl+Fn+B, on some Ctrl+Delete, but I didn’t even know until I looked it up. In any case, it would be nice to add tooltips to the Pause and Stop buttons, with their shortcuts.

On a side note, I noticed your Mac version still says “Alt” for keyboard shortcuts, I’m guessing you mean “Option”?

@berainlb Yeah, I normally use a MacBook, and have an older Windows laptop to run the laser, so now I switch between them all the time. That may be why I hit Alt+S accidentally.

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