"Start pause time" with "cut through" option makes the laser to do pulses

I have a problem with the lightburn software and ruida controller.
When I set “Start pause time” with “cut through” option makes the laser to do pulses of 0.5 to 1 secs instead of firing continuously.
After the pausing time and the head starts to move the laser stays on normally.
Is this a problem or there is an option somewhere that I can change that?

Are you on 9.22? I can test with my 6445G later today, but wanted to make sure you and I are on the same version of LightBurn. It looks like you have a Ruida RDC6333G. Is this correct?


I tested it with 9.21, tomorrow I will test it with 9.22, my controller is Ruida RDLC633XG/634XG

It cannot be both a 633 and a 634. While both of these controllers are of Ruida’s 3rd hardware sub-edition, the RDC633 is a 3 axis controller while the RDC634 is a 4 axis controller. Pictured above is the 633 having X, Y and Z outputs:


This is the 634 having X, Y, Z, and U:

These are the photos of my controller and boot screen, so you are right it is the 3 axis controller RDLC633XG

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