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I’ve been using LB for some time now. There is one thing I have never been able to figure out.

I want the laser to start cutting at a specific point. I always select to “use selection origin”. However, that is not where it starts. It always moves a certain amount from the “frame” area then starts.

I have tried a number of combinations and also searched on this forum. I always select ‘set origin’ prior to starting. But as I mentioned it doesn’t start there.

That determines the origin of the whole pattern, not any point within it:

You can set the starting point for an individual shape:

But the Optimization settings can override your choices:

If you’re trying to avoid the scorch where the beam initially burns through, then you likely want some lead-in:

What’s the goal for starting at a specific point? Perhaps there’s another way to get there from here …

I’ve done all those. The issue is mostly that there is much material wasted The framing is always bigger than it needs to be.

I want to use the fire laser feature and start cutting at that point.

It should be the bounding box of the thing-to-engrave or the non-cutting tool layer if you have that set up.

The rubber-band frame traces around the convex hull of the outline, so if that fits into the place you expect, you should be good to go:

If that doesn’t work, a picture or two of what you’re attempting to do would help explain what I’m missing.

I must be really dense on this because I can’t make it do what I want.

A circle for example. I select the Job Origin to be at the bottom and Start From as user origin. My expectation is that it start cutting there. Instead it moves to some point and then starts.

It always moves the point ‘on the fence that is around the graphic’. So lower left job origin is the corner of the ‘fence’.

I want to move the laser head. Then use Fire to confirm placement. Then start cutting at exactly that point. Not the fence, but the actual graphic.

In the attached I want to start cutting at the highlighted corner.

This would make the job start at the bottom after first moving to your user origin. So depending on where you have set your user origin this is almost certainly not going to be right where you happen to be pointing.

If you want to start relative to your current location then use “Current position” as your Start From mode.

This does have other drawbacks, though, so be aware. The main one being that unless you happen to make note of that position that you won’t be able to relocate the position if for any reason you need to.

That being said. How do I place the user origin exactly where I need. User origin is always the fence.

Assuming you are using an Atomstack diode gantry laser then you can set the Origin in Move window.

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I do set the origin. However, it still doesn’t start there.

Can you attach a screenshot with the design loaded? Please have Move and Laser windows showing.

Also, can you confirm that you are exclusively using jogging controls to move the laser head? If you are ever moving the laser head by hand you are invalidating the controllers understanding of position and this method won’t work.

Also, please confirm this workflow:

  1. Jog laser to expected user origin
  2. Set Origin in Move window
  3. Click design selection
  4. Set job origin to bottom middle and start from as User Origin
  5. Push Start

With that setup your laser should burn with the middle bottom of the shape positioned at user origin.

Got it working. Thanks.

That’s great. What ended up being the fix?

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