Start Position Not Right

Hey all, not sure why or when this started happening, but when I used to make a box and put on T1, normally the Green Start Position Square would be at the top left corner of that box, but now I’ve resized that box and that start square does not want to follow my left corner, it’s just floating all around by itself? what’s going wrong? is there a setting I must have accidentally hit or…?

You almost certainly have an unaccounted for shape elsewhere on the workspace. This is likely going to be from one of your other layers that are not being shown. Keep in mind that all layers are factored in for job origin.

If you only want the selected shapes to be considered for origin then enable both “Cut selected graphics” and “Use selection origin”.

Hey thanks for the reply, but I had did a SELECT ALL prior to reporting and nothing else was in there to grab. What you explained had happened to me before and I did the select all to find the little piece that was hiding in there. That did not work this time.

Hmm…by this, do you mean even if I have them set to not output and not show? they still remain as far as the origin? that may very well explain it then

Yes, exactly. Even when not showing or output, they will still factor in.

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Thank you for clearing that up for me.

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