Start/Stop Commands/macros/Scripts?

For starters, thank you for the awesome software! 100% my go to laser software! I love it.
I am adjusting coming from a Raspberry Pi Running CNC.js to this is a little different (my laptop went to sleep on me a few times before I became smart enough to correct it). My question is for start and stop commands. I would like to turn on a macro at job start and then turn it off at job finish? I know its possible to just save the project, edit the GCODE, and then run the GCODE, but was wondering if there was something more elegant that I was just missing?

I’m not sure what you mean by “turn on a macro” and then “turn it off”. Can you elaborate on what you’re trying to actually do?

LightBurn doesn’t currently have pre / post GCode editing, but it’s on the wishlist.

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Thats exactly what I was looking for! Fantastic I will look for that in a future release hopefully! Thanks again for all your work man!