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hey guys, I would like to know how I can pause in the middle of work and continue where I left off, what kind of save do I do? G code?

Window->Preview->Start From Here works on Ruida at least

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You haven’t provided much detail on the circumstances of when/how you’re trying to do this but If you’re actively trying to pause the job then you can literally push the Pause button in Laser windows, do what you need to do, and then unpause and it will startup exactly where you left off.

If you need to actually interrupt the job then first pause, then stop the job. This will prevent the laser from going into halt mode and you will not lose steps/coordinates. Then do what you need to do. But you’ll have to either use the “Start From Here” that @Dannym has indicated or only burn the remaining portions of the design using “Cut Selected Only” in laser window or other similar technique.

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I need to turn off the pc, and continue the work where it left off, because my computer has a problem of turning off by itself, so I can’t leave it on far from me, you know?

You’d probably be better off working out why your computer is shutting down by itself. You’re better off working from a reliable system than trying to rely on recovery processes. Having said that, some of the the methods described above will work for recovery.

Most would recommend you never leave a laser on “far from me”.

I missed the understanding of this.

You’re saying that because the machine goes to sleep you can’t step away from it? So you’re looking for a way to pause it so that you can step away?

In that case the sleeping computer may be a feature that you want to keep and sort out how to break your burn into sections that you can reasonably manage.

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