Start with RDworks or LightBurn

I have a new Boss 65w 1420. I will be using Corel Draw or other application to create my graphics. My question is should I learn Boss’s LaserWorks software (which is Rdworks) or just jump into LightBurn? Is there anything that LightBurn can’t do that I would need to go back to LaserWorks/RdWorks?

We’ve seen both - there were a number of existing RD Works users that came to LightBurn when it first came out (obviously), but as LightBurn has matured and the feature set has filled in, we are also seeing that people immediately use LightBurn (one notable reason being that the user couldn’t get RDWorks to install :slight_smile:).

I’d say just go for LightBurn.

It can do Ruida vendor settings now, and the things that it can’t do are like dual tube support (coming soon) and import of native RDWorks files (even RDWorks can’t keep this straight, and since you’re new to RDW you won’t have any existing designs to worry about. Even if you did you could just export them as an AI file from RDWorks and import that into LB.


There are a couple of things that RDWorks (LaserWorks) does that LightBurn doesn’t, but they tend to be more esoteric features, like dual head support.

There are a couple that are worth calling out:

  • lead in / lead out
  • seam (overcut at end)
  • delete overlaps
  • ramp mode

These are all planned, or in progress. The first two are more useful for metal cutting, and the last for rubber stamp making.


Am I guessing correctly that ramp mode makes scans with “sloped edges”?

That could probably be very useful when doing deep engraving in wood as well.

Correct - it turns a black/white engraving into a grayscale one with sloped sides, and you can control the length of the fall-off area.

Cool, I’ll keep an eye out for that, it’ll be useful for me.

One wish which would make it even more useful for deep engraving of wood is if the slope isn’t just a linear slope. If it could set a smoother shape, so that it creates a smooth transition at top and/or bottom, it would be even nicer. When deep engraving wood, in contrast with stamps where you want crisp edges, you want to avoid sharp (and thus fragile) edges.

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Forget RDWORKS! LightBurn was much easier to learn. And they have great support

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