Started noticing a little lag in selecting and moving

I just downloaded 9.09 and I am seeing a time lag from when I click on an object or text string (still text) and when it shows as selected. The lag can be 2 or sometimes 3 seconds. I also see a lag when I drag the object, it sits where it started for a second or so then jumps to the mouse position instead of moving smoothly with the mouse.

The lag does not happen all the time but maybe 20% or so of the time when I select or move.

The previous versions never had any lag at all, every thing was instantaneous and dragging an object was always perfectly smooth.

It there something odd going on with just my computer (Windows 10) or is this something anyone else has seen in the new version?

Also noticed an unrelated issue, sometimes when I am in node edit mode, it will not let me insert a new node, I click on the vector and press the “I” key and nothing happens. click the arrow tool then unselect everything then select the vector again and go back into node edit mode and then I can insert the node. I never noticed that behavior before.

How far in are you zoomed when seeing that insert behavior? I fixed an issue with the evaluation of the distance to bezier approximation - when zoomed in really far it had more jitter than I’d like, so I improved the math and relaxed the cutoff.

For the drag-lag, do you see that only on first run, or in general? I can put some logging into the event system to see if there’s any weird chaining happening, but I’ve noticed occasional lag on start when the software is checking for updates.

I am zoomed in a lot when I see the insert issue.

What do you mean by “First Run”? I have not noticed any specific times when it is lagging but I see if there is anything in common when I do see it lagging.

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